C1D1 Intrinsically Safe Wireless Flow Totalizer

  • Local display with, flow rate, totalizer and diagnostics
  • Integrates with industry standard turbine meters
  • Hazardous location classified for CL1 DIV1 Intrinsically Safe
  • Robust 900mHz authenticated wireless protocol
  • 0.5 mile range
  • Battery powered electronically optimized for long life (5 years+)
  • Real-Time-Clock with battery backup
  • 1” female NPT standard coupling with 2 pin connector inductive type turbine meters
  • Configurable contract hour with real-time clock & battery backup
  • 30 day built-in local data historian/backup storage
  • Wireless data interface to SignalFire’s standard protocol
  • Weathertight rugged enclosure for outdoor operation
  • Easy to install and maintain