Remote Shutdown System

The Remote Switch option allows for a standard RSD System to be configured for use as a stand alone system without a Gateway.  Using a simple table based configuration the system can be setup to switch the relay outputs when one (or more) remote nodes reaches a limit.  A typical application is to shut off a well when one or more remote tanks become full.


  • Stand alone system.  No PLC or Gateway required
  • Simple configuration interface
  • Accepts data from all SignalFire remote nodes
  • Two relay outputs
  • Fail Safe capability
  • Range up to 4 miles
  • Small form factor DIN mount relay enclosure
  • Status LED’s


In environments like oil fields, decisions to start and stop actions often need to be initiated remotely from where the action happens. For instance, if a storage-tank battery fills up, oil flowing to the battery must stop to prevent an overflow, but the controlling device making that “decision” (PLC or SignalFire Gateway) may be miles away.

Remote Shutdown — Wirelessly

That’s where SignalFire’s Remote ShutDown System (RSDS), a long-range wireless monitoring and control system, comes in. The RSDS automates this action without the need for long, costly conduit runs, and system components can also be easily relocated as needs evolve.

Safety Built Into Every Node

Our exclusive CommSafe system automatically sets its outputs to a user-configurable safe state if an interruption in wireless communication is detected.

PLC-Based Control, SignalFire Gateway Control, or Stand-Alone

The SignalFire RSDS can be implemented with a PLC monitoring inputs and generating control commands via the SignalFire Gateway and Counter Stick I/O node. Or, in environments where a PLC is not required for other needs, the SignalFire Gateway can monitor inputs and generate control commands autonomously as a stand-alone system.


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