Counter Stick

The SignalFire Remote Sensing System™ is a flexible, adaptive radio networking system that seamlessly integrates analog and digital sensors. With a range of up to 4 miles, the system is self installing and self configuring.  This system compares very favorably, from a cost perspective, with installed conduit at distances of 100 feet or more.



  • Provides a wireless interface to remote counting sensors such as flow meters
  • Two digital interfaces, dry contact, open collector and other interfaces
  • Calculates:
    • Total Counts
    • Instantaneous Frequency
    • Frequency Since Last Read
    • State
  • Measures to 2 KHz
  • Message forwarding capability
  • Rugged design for demanding outdoor environments
  • Low power consumption
  • Range up to 4 miles
  • Simple to install and maintain


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