Consulting Services

NetDNA provides consulting in automation, networks, IT Solutions, and communications

Network Problems?

Internet Slow, you network having problems?  You don't have to be an engineer!   Talk to us about cost effictive solutions and get control of your systems today!

Wifi Problems

Say goodbye to wifi problems!   netDNA has cost effective managed solutions to slow  & laggy wifi.   Have problems with signal, we can get you high quality signal in every area of your business in a secure manner.

 Custom VPN Services

Tired of expensive, complicated, VPN routers?   netDNA offers secure & simple VPN Services that can transform your business.

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Cloud Services

Virtual servers, Saas, Xaas, Hybrid Cloud services.   Let us help you build a world class set of services to support your business, app, and backend services.

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ISP Support & Design

Fiber, Wireless, Cable, we build and support broadband networks.   Last mile solutions are our specialty.  

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ISP Billing Solutions

Typical billing solutions are expensive and hard to setup.  netDNA has affordable and easy to use billing software that can be deployed in your network, transforming 

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Automation & Control  made simple

Monitor, control, and get data from all kinds of machines and processes.

Real-time Automation Control 

Wire reliable I/O to sensors and actuators, and run your control program locally at edge of network.   Wire together devices, databases, online services, and more with simple logic flows. Move, store, analyze data.  Easily build your HMI, then view, monitor, and control data from PCs and mobile devices anywhere. 

netDNA provides reliable real-time control where and when you need it.